Blackbelt Grading - 08/09/19

Blackbelt Grading - 08/09/19
Aug 09, 2019

27 martial artists were invited to grade at the Blackbelt Grading on August 9th.   22 students graded for 1st Degree,  2 students graded to 2nd Degree, and 3 students graded to 3rd Degree.

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Joey 08.29.2019

Joey Grouse Grouse and good luck with that of the same of Joey Love you too! you are the best way to be a great day for you to get the best thing about this is that the Hey Joey Moe's job

Joey g r o u s e 07.26.2021

Hi everybody you bad karate black belt when second and black belt higher rank next level okay here for Douglas wiki Great Master Peter m posted for second-h black belt when next form September black belt thank you for a best and the best in the world and post it at my picture in my newspaper another good luck at karate camp to look at everybody very good job on it I know your forms and your weapons and your complete at all Grandmaster teacher work hard and compete you best you can good luck at everybody from chronic camp call me Mr j o e y g

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