Naugatuck Grading - 10/7/19

Naugatuck Grading - 10/7/19
Oct 07, 2019

Mr. Pete Meleschnig presented his Little Ninjas, Kid Kicks and Adult students to Grand Master for their Fall Grading.  Everyone did an excellent job!

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Joey g r o u s e 12.23.2020

Merr Happy New year I love you all of you you are a good pick me pick me 4y Christmas put j o e y g r o u s e. Thank you for everything you have you my family karate 1st degree black belt with j o e y give me an update for a special need karate class I saw I see everyone on individua good Raphael Joe Cross thank you 4 work with us give me the update put it on everything you're good to me I want you to set up zoom for me I want to talk to you about me myself alone thank you for everything you do. Happy New year your best black belt Joey g r o u s e I love you and let me know okay have a good day I love you all my tell you what happened my family thank you 1st degree black belt. Let me know if I number two Dan black belt that's okay I love you bye

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