May 1, 2023

2023 Karate Kamp Registration Info

Registration for the 2023 Karate Kamp is now available for download. Online registration is now available here.
November 5, 2022

2022 Points Update

Points for Federation tournaments have been updated, you can view them below....
March 17, 2022

Danielson March 2022 Grading

Another fantastic grading at Danielson Martial Arts Academy! Congratulations to all, especially the 2 new apprentice black belts. Tang Soo!...
March 12, 2022

Naugatuck Parks and Rec March 2022 Grading

Another small but mighty grading last night – Congratulations to Naugatuck P & R!...
March 12, 2022

Success at the USBA/WBA

Honored to represent Cheezic Tang Soo Do at the USBA/WBA Breaking Tournament in Chicopee, Mass today. Many trophies and Master Lebrandi’s 2 championship belts...
March 1, 2022

Northeast Martial Arts March Grading

Congratulations to Master Guay and Northeast Martial Arts on a stellar gup graduation! Cheezic Tang Soo Do even in the furthest corners of the...

The Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation

The Cheezic Tang Soo Do Federation is the governing body for its international roster of member schools.

One of the oldest, most respected martial arts organizations in the United States, Cheezic Tang Soo Do is comprised of world-class martial artists from beginner to master level, all certified by the Grandmaster himself. Our goal is to teach self-respect and respect for others through the study and practice of Tang Soo Do. The ideas of respect and tradition are pervasive in all of our activities and for all students at every level of achievement.

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Grandmaster Cheezic

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Grandmaster Cheezic
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