Black Belts

The Black Belt History of the Cheezic Tang Soo Do Karate Federation

Grand Master Cheezic’s quest to create our federation and offer his skills to instruct students in Tang Soo Do, toward their Black and Master Belts began in the 1960’s. His first club was located in Waterbury in a grammar school gym. Today our Grand Master has graded over 2700 Black and Master Belts through our numerous locations and countries – and that number is growing. Federation representatives still travels frequently abroad to grade our international students, including Master Belt levels.

While Black Belt gradings are private and confidential, all skills are tested and judged for a student to be awarded this rank.

It will generally take three to five years of continual practice and study to be awarded a Black Belt in our federation. A Cheezic Tang Soo Do student is expected to participate in all forms of the Martial Arts; forms, sparring, self-defense, weapons and breaking.

From the beginning of their enrollment all students are taught the ancient (over 2,000 year old) and always present “main tenant” of the Martial Arts outside the Dojang: “Martial Arts are only to be used in self-defense, or in the defense of others.” Black Belts will naturally pass this concept on to all students as general practice.

Grand Master Cheezic has had a strong history and success in training students, from white belt through master belt in all categories of tournament competition. Our federation has won countless awards over the years and continues that tradition today.

Some of our Black Belts will qualify as instructors, beginning as assistants and growing to full instructor level. Many Black Belts will typically evolve into a specialty; sparring, breaking, etc., which is encouraged as part of their study.

Finally Grand Master Cheezic has paid special attention to advancing the youth of our organization with a focus on self-respect, respect for others, hard work and fun. With our annual Karate Kamp, tournament travel, exhibitions, etc, each young student can look forward to a fulfilling experience while studying to be a youth Black Belt.

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