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Our goal is to teach self-respect and respect for others through the study and practice of Tang Soo Do, a very historic and traditional Korean discipline of the martial arts. The ideas of respect and tradition are pervasive in all of our activities and for all students at every level of achievement. Our training is traditional, encompassing the refinement of technique, hyung (forms) and dae ryun (sparring). We encourage the pursuit of excellence in our Art and applaud our students and instructors achievements both within our discipline and in their scholastic or personal achievements.

Our school is more than just the art of Tang Soo Do. We strive to build an atmosphere of friendship and camaraderie. We welcome practitioners of all styles and will always treat you with the utmost respect. We have a saying that defines our school, “It’s more than just karate” Join us on an incredible journey of growth, friendship, knowledge and challenges.

Institute of Martial Arts in New London, CT as been teaching Tang Soo Do since 2015 through New London Recreation.

Head Instructor(s)

Roberto Padua
5th Dan
Belt No: 691
Catherine Switaj
3rd Dan
Belt No: 2344

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