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About Institute of Martial Arts Wallingford

Traditional Classes:

A chance for 7 – Adults to develop martial arts skills, build strength and confidence, build self-discipline. Parents are encouraged to begin training at the same time as their children’s class regardless of rank. Great fun and family activity!

Little Ninjas:

Karate techniques incorporated with essential motor skills for 3-4 year olds. The curriculum includes balance, memory, team work, coordination, focus, and other age specific skills training. Often young children want to do what the big kids do but don’t have the essential motor skills. This class teaches those while building self-esteem and respect for self and others.

Kicking Kids:

Dynamic karate techniques taught with an emphasis on kicks, punches, blocks, coordination, bullying prevention, and beginning karate weapons training. Situational self-defense will be taught so our youngest can avoid conflict. Class is designed to have a student develop into the more structured karate program that starts at 7 years old.

Head Instructor(s)

Lyne Landry
8th Dan
Belt No: 167

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