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About Level Up Karate

We believe that good karate levels up the lives of its practitioners with; Confidence in oneself, discipline over one’s mind and body, a strong work ethic, a passion for fitness and health, a positive community of peers and mentors, and a fun path to unlocking the highest level version of oneself.

Serving the Farmington Valley by providing professional and safe classes in traditional Tang Soo Do and self-defense, Level Up Karate brings 70+ years of martial arts experience in martial arts to our students.

Head Instructor(s)

Dan Hinman
6th Dan
Belt No: 1100


Lori Coppinger
7th Dan
Belt No: 55
Jessica Hinman
6th Dan
Belt No: 1102
Timothy Brodeur
3rd Dan
Belt No: 2272
Kaleb Abalan
3rd Dan
Belt No: 2762
Alex Psillas
3rd Dan
Belt No: 2763

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