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Sparrow Dojang’s martial arts program is for everyone, at every age, at every level of fitness. Students are encouraged to become their personal best. Our weekly classes offer a balanced martial arts training by incorporating Cheezic Tang Soo Do forms, federation one steps, kicks and hand techniques, self-defense, and conditioning into an all-encompassing program that will train your total mind and body.

A concentration on discipline, focus, and self-confidence is incorporated into each class. Through various drills and techniques, students will learn respect and to respect others. The program goal is to have the students embrace the fundamentals of Tang Soo Do while having fun. Students will earn rank advancements in Cheezic Tang Soo Do Karate Federation throughout their journey (every twenty weeks) certified by Grand Master Cheezic himself.

Sparrow Dojang’s moto: Vigilant ~ Swift ~ Family Strong

Head Instructor(s)

Frannie Caco
4th Dan
Belt No: 2269

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